Individual training concepts

Competence and innovative ability of organizations are the basic building blocks for continuous quality and success. We conduct individual training – adapted to the needs of our partners. By using our interdisciplinary team consisting of experts from business and security authorities, we guarantee sustainable added value.

Safety at work - Your training for violence in workplaces with customer traffic

When employees are verbally or physically attacked by customers because of their work responsibilities, it is called “violence in the workplace”.

Competence examination §34a GewO – Your IHK certificate

 Legal and organizational changes in the security industry means that the competence test in the security industry in accordance with  §34a “Gewerbeordnung” is becoming increasingly important. 

Intercultural competence – your practical training

In times of increasing international cooperation and globalization, intercultural competence is regarded as a key competence. Intercultural competence requires a conscious approach to foreign cultures…

Scrum – Your Training for agile Project Management

Agile methods continue to be increasingly popular in all areas and departments of a company. Anyone who manages projects or deals with the topic of project management can hardly ignore the topic of agility…

Long-term success through targeted training

Measures that do not bring long-term added value do not find acceptance. We work together directly on the practical cases and issues of your company. This provides you with immediate assistance for your business success and new impulses for problem solving, a transfer into practice and thus the desired long-term effect.

Training means that the employees and thus also the organizations develop.

An open approach includes clear feedback on their potential. In every training we pay attention to a balanced mix of methods. We help organizations and training providers to create the best possible conditions and put together the optimal team of instructors and trainers tailored to the respective project assignment.

What should our collaboration look like?

The best way of communication is personal exchange. Simply arrange an initial meeting with us.